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Our product

Originated from an EPFL project, autonomyo provides a robotic rehabilitation solution to increase accessibility and training intensity for people with neurological conditions

The pillars of our solution


The smart assistance controller picks up on your current abilities to provide the required assistance for optimised training

Home rehabilitation

The autonomyo digital platform allows for remote therapy, at home or wherever required

Wearable Exoskeleton

The exoskeleton secures the vertical position and guides the motion of the lower limbs, allowing different types of motions of the hip, knee and ankle.

The smart assistance controller follows the volitional movements of the user. Walking assistance can be parametrized for each joint so that it best adapts to the needs of the user.

The exoskeleton measures all gait parameters (symmetry, step length, weight transfer) and provides instant feedback to the user

Rehabiliation Platform

With the platform, the therapist is able to customise the rehabilitation program specifically to the user for home- and in- clinic training.

The user receives feedback on absolved trainings and the overall progress. The application also allows for peer comparison.


This flow of data between user, platform and physiotherapist ensures the development of accurate training programs and future improvements.

Would you like to learn more about autonomyo?

We are interested to hear from you if you wish to participate with us on autonomyo. Currently we are looking to get in touch with potential users, patient groups, physicians, therapists and investors. 

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